“Yuliana Diaz,

I wanted to thank you for all the exceptional tax advice and service I have received over the  many years I’ve worked with you! I also wanted to thank you for your timeliness, accountability, and follow through. In this day and age, as with any important business these are very important qualities. You are truly professional in all areas of your business. I Am confident that my taxes are done correctly, in a timely manner, and I sleep better because of it! I wish you continued success! Should anyone like to speak with me directly about your service please have them call me!

Always Grateful!”

Chase Philip Randazzo

owner at:





“I first worked with Yuliana while she was employed by a national tax preparation service. I was so impressed by her knowledge and professionalism I returned the next year hoping to work with her again. When she left that company to start her own business, I followed her. Yuliana has the awesome ability to work with numbers and people. Through the five years that we’ve worked together, I have faced and conquered a number of life’s challenges, she has always ensured that I did not leave any money on the table during those transitions. Even outside of tax season if I have questions I know she is just an email or phone call away.”
Perdita Henry
Freelance Writer & Marketing Professional

“Myself and my brothers are Canadian and do not live in the United States. We first came in contact with Yuliana in July 2016 when our sister who was a resident of Texas suddenly passed away. In going through her paperwork, we determined that YD Tax Services had been doing our sister’s taxes for a number of years, and that her 2015 Federal Tax Return had not yet been filed. We called Yuliana at YD and she immediately took control of the situation. She told us what documents to send to her so she could complete and file the 2015 Return, which resulted in a refund due us. By tax time in 2016, the 2015 refund had not been received nor had the IRS responded to my queries, so Yuliana recommended we hold off filing the 2016 Return to give more time for the 2015 refund to show up. Besides the fact that we know nothing about the US Income Tax system, the situation was complicated by the fact that my sister was single and did not leave a will. The IRS would not talk to me nor would they give any information to Yuliana. So she visited their Austin office to find out what documents were needed to resolve all the issues. We then completed the appropriate paper work, Yuliana provided it to the IRS, and I received the refund cheques for 2015 and 2016 several weeks later. YD’s fee reasonable, and we are thankful for the time and energy that Yuliana put into helping us get this part of the estate settlement completed. Without her help, we’ve have been lost. Thanks a million Yuliana!”
– Alan Wood